Free Download Iron Sky Invasion for Xbox 360

P R E S E N T S: Iron Sky: Invasion (c) Reality Pump
Region: PAL & NTSC/J Languages: English
Size: 1 DVD Genre: Acion
Platform: XBOX 360 Date: 05-2013

Release Info:

In the near future, mankind faces the greatest threat to its posterity ever
in recorded history: an invading Nazi horde, reborn in the depths of space!
An armada of Fourth Reich ships, built in secret at a hidden base on the
moon, descends upon the Earth to rain terror and destruction

But this is not done without resistance. A cadre of crack space pilots have
stepped forth to defend our Mother Earth from becoming the new Fatherland
of this twisted regime. A lone pilot, entering the hangar to see three
state-of-the-art, prototypes ships awaiting him, knows he is the only one
who can save Planet Earth. It is up to him and his brothers in arms alone
to ensure that humanity stays free of the yolk of Nazism for good and

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